At Vested Wealth Advisors we believe:

Informed clients make better decisions. Our continuous and relentless approach to educating our clients so that they develop an informed and intelligent decision making process has proved as effective as it is popular. For our clients, education is an ongoing feature of the value we provide.

In helping clients live their dreams. In practice this means having clients identify their closest held values and matching them with their goals, both for the present and the future. Life is short and we want our clients to live it to the fullest, whatever their means.

In an advisor's accountability. This means fulfilling our commitment to creating a well-planned approach to getting and keeping clients 'on path'. Whatever challenges the markets - or indeed life - throws your way, your plan must be able to not just survive but thrive. Life is unpredictable, your plan shouldn't be.

Portfolio management is more science than art. This means accepting that market returns are uncertain, investment risk is to be controlled not avoided, and that your portfolio's most critical feature is its expected performance over a particular time horizon. We do not speculate with securities selection (stock picking), gamble on opaque investments (like hedge funds) or 'follow the crowd' every time the markets turn sharply. Finally, our portfolios expenses and our advisory fees are some of the industry's most competitive.

Community Service

We also share a belief our world and our society is a better place when those who can give back to the community. The Vested Wealth Advisors family is committed to supporting the communities in which we live and work  by investing our time, talents and resources. 

Organizations that receive our support include:

Amnesty International - because fighting injustice and promoting basic human rights worldwide is a moral imperative.

Habitat for Humanity - because physically helping building homes for the disadvantaged is better than asking the government to do it. Plus it's good to get out and work with our hands.

Chess for Success - because by teaching young students the game of chess they are learning the high level critical-thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills as well as gaining self confidence essential for success in school and in life. Children learn how to survey their surroundings and think before they act. It teaches them the importance of patience and impulse control. Also, because it's proven to help increase children's math, music and other academics grades. Finally, because it works.

Cal Berkeley Alumni Association - because it's a great university (see here) that continues to be a paragon of what a world-class public education is all about.

Oregon Public Broadcasting and National Public RadioLA - because they help create the radio and television that keeps us informed...feeds our curiosity...and broadens our intellectual horizons.

City of Hope and Cedars Sinai Medical Center - because these hospitals everyday do world-class healing and treatment of the people we love most.

The ASPCA and other organizations that help our furry friends - Just because we love our pets.