Why These Resources?

This section of the website contains information we believe our clients may find useful. We're providing them for the following reasons:

VWA Blog  --  Most websites of financial advisors utilize a blog in one form or another. The vast majority of these blogs - and other personal finance or economics blogs - provide material that is easily found elsewhere on the Internet. Our blog is not intended to be a rehash of finance news nor a place to glean investment ideas. Blog posts about IRA deduction limits or how hedge funds work we will leave to others. Our aim is to use this blog for two types of posts; ideally the posts will provide information that is unavailable anywhere else.

The first type of post is where we have identified some piece of information (news article, TV commercial, blog post, print media, etc) that is misleading, confusing or just plain wrong. We feel incorrect (either factually or contextually) media contributions only fosters ignorance and confusion in the public about what's really true. Our hope is educate and inform readers to mitigate this trend of bad information.

The second type of post we'll be providing is also educational in nature. To begin we'll be presenting a multi-post series on Basic Investment Topics to help readers fill in their knowledge in areas that we feel every decision maker should know. We'll also provide commentary on current events where we see an opportunity to clear up a general confusion in the public mind. To this end we will sometimes link to other sources wherein we feel an important insight cannot be improved upon.

Other Writing Worth Reading  -  this section contains an extensive listing of books that are informative, interesting and insightful. Most are non-fiction and all are widely well regarded. We've provided links to buy the books on but rest assured we receive no benefit from Amazon or the authors if you use this link to make purchases. We hope you enjoy! 

Useful Websites  -  the links provided here can be of great help when needing to find important information quickly. Most are government sites but there are three reliable news sources and one link ( that is useful in tracking the interest rates being charged for various products like residential mortgage, CD rates and other banking products.