The Ever-Expanding Universe of Social Media

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Care About Your Online Privacy? Read this.

The 265 members of Congress who sold you out to ISPs, and how much it cost to buy them. They betrayed you for chump change.

US Healthcare vs. Life Expectancy

In a word, abysmal. We spend the most and live the shortest of major democracies. Here's the data to prove it. 


Legal System Rigged? Read on..

So we have two legal systems: one for banks and law firms, and one for ordinary homeowners. And the reason we have two legal systems is because our political system is, well, rigged—how else would you put it? 

To understand why this is so, read on

How Accessibility of Information Distorts Our Perception of Reality

 The quintessential rule of journalism is that ordinary events are not newsworthy, while notable oddities deserve what may be disproportionate coverage.

Journalism - New vs Old - Still the Same

What’s the deal with online journalism?

By Robert X. Cringely

We've Seen This Movie Before.

In his Washington Post column, one of my favorite financial bloggers Barry Ritholz wrote a great piece about how useless it is that the media screams about every new 'crisis' and its attendant risk. If you take a step back and look at the longer term you will see that the fear mongering was rather empty and hollow.

Surprised that You're Surprised by the Reaction to Brexit Result? Don't be.

So UK voters 'stun' the world by electing to separate from their membership in the European Union entirely, meaning both economic and militarily. I think the people who are really 'stunned' are the other EU countries who are left to deal with their ongoing crises (refugees, terrorism, etc) on their own without their second most powerful member state.

As for how we American should look at these events, I would suggest to keep in mind the following:

10 Reasons To Have Hope

Do you ever listen to the news and find yourself thinking that the world has gone to the dogs? The world does faces challenges in maintaining stable and well-functioning social, environmental, and economic systems. The legacy of the financial crisis is still with us, and concerns about climate change and sustainability are widespread. Then there's China, Europe's refugees, and of course terrorism everywhere.

But it’s also easy to overlook significant advances in raising the living standards of millions, increasing global cooperation on sustainability, and efforts to build greater transparency and trust in financial institutions. Good news doesn't tend to make the front pages of daily newspapers or the lead items in the TV news, but they’re worth keeping in mind on those occasions when you feel overwhelmed by all the grim headlines.

So here’s an alternative news bulletin:

Another Day in 'Punditstan'

The Washington Post had a great column on the worthlessness of the endless line of pundits showcased by three major news networks: CNN, Fox and CNBC. Read the full article here.


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