Medicare Basics

News to Make You Feel Good

  • Quietly and unannounced, humanity crossed a truly amazing threshold this year. For the first time since agriculture-based civilization began 10,000 years ago, the majority of humankind is no longer poor or vulnerable to falling into poverty. (Brookings)

A Look at Big Moves in the Markets

Some interesting comparisons of major one-day market moves.

Happy New Year!

The Dead Don't Get No Respect

Da Vinci painted his brilliant fresco, The Last Supper, and how did they respond? They nagged at him for taking too long. Then, after he finished, they cut a giant hole in the bottom for a door.  That’s just what we do to genius. We disrespect it. We manipulate it. We mistreat it. And that’s the preferential treatment that genius gets.

Hate Making Financial Decisions? Here's Why

It turns out using your head is not the right advice...

Podcasting is Booming


Best Universities in the World - U.C. Berkeley Rated Top Public College - Again!

My alma mater, UC Berkeley, retains its standing as the world’s No. 1 public and fourth-best university overall in U.S.

The 7 Retirement Planning Questions

If you can't answer these seven questions confidently, then you need to work with a financial planner...

1. How will we fund our living expenses in retirement?

2. What do we we need to know about required minimum distributions (RMDs)?

3. Do we need Long Term Care (LTC) insurance?

4. When and how should we start taking social security benefits?

5. When should we apply for Medicare?

6. Is our investment allocation too risky?

7. What would happen if we died today?

Hint...see below for quickie answers to the above questions:

Getting Your Money's Worth in Higher Education

My alma mater, U.C. Berkeley, is often at the top of domestic and global ranking for academic reputation. However, its interesting to note a recent study showed Cal to be among the best values for your education dollars as well. The data was published in Money Magazine and comes courtesy of the UC Public Affairs office.

Basic Rules on Living : A Stoic Philosophy Primer

Stoiscism in 3 sentences:
1. Some things are in your power and some are not—do not confuse the two and do not desire the things that are not in your power.
2. It is our opinion of things that determines how we feel about a particular event, not the event itself.

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