What & Why: Advanced Medical Directives

These documents should be part of everyone's Will, no matter your age.

First Quarter 2017 Market Snapshot

Marijuana Laws State Map in 2017

Notice a trend?

Americans Over-Taxed? Hardly.

American love to bitch about "how taxes are killing me!" Well, here's some cold water for your economics wake-up call.

By all accounts life in America is so good that millions of people try to immigrate here every year. We've led the world for decades in the "its a great country" debates.

Elite Colleges - Worth It, or Not?

A study asked: Did students attending the most elite colleges earn more in their 30s, 40s, and 50s than students with similar SAT scores, who were rejected from those elite colleges? The short answer was no

The study's authors said the difference between the students who went to super-selective schools and the students with similar SAT scores who were rejected from those schools and went to less selective institutions was "indistinguishable from zero.”

Life Rules

By one of my favorite internet commentators Bob Lefsetz.

1. We all want to be listened to.

Financial Goals: 6 Tips to Keep You Accountable

When it comes to your financial goals/resolutions for this year (and beyond) use these tips to actually keep and reach your goals.  

Turn Dream into Goals

Care About Your Online Privacy? Read this.

The 265 members of Congress who sold you out to ISPs, and how much it cost to buy them. They betrayed you for chump change.

Lessons in Short Term Fear

Only a handful of these short term market scares would have ruined your retirement. Are you willing to bet on which one in the future is the one to take action on?
Market timing is harder than it looks...

Chart of The Day - Global Housing

I just heard that Vancouver BC real estate is now almost as expensive as San Francisco. And sleepy New Zealand is booming, for speculators that is.  Maybe Costa Rica is still cheap...

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