The Financial Advice Spectrum

Here's a superb and useful graphic on from whom and how retail investors get their financial advice from. It comes from an advisor/blogger named Morgen Beck Rochard, CFP CFA

Read more here Not All Advisors Are Created Equal

Reason for Optimism in the Universe and Everywhere Else - via Science

This week, in a blog post on the site of the magazine Scientific American, came an article entitled:

The Most Important Idea about the Universe - It's "convergence"—the fact that seemingly disparate areas of science are fundamentally linked.

The "Can't vs Won't" Problem

Today I read a story in the newspaper about the Strohs family beer empire and how the family's subsequent generations squandered the bulk of several billions dollars.

Those Jobs Aren't Coming Back...

The real story of American manufacturing over the past 70 years, told in a single chart:

MUST WATCH: Peter Bernstein on Risk

Peter Bernstein, a legend of investing thought leadership, who wrote one of my favorite books "Against the Gods: The Remakable story of Risk" can be seen in this 13 minute video discussing risk.

If you watch and listen carefully you will become educated unlike few others in this all-important concept.


Better Indexing with DFA

Why Indexing Is Good but Dimensional’s Approach Is Better for the Long Term.

2016 Was Like Any Other Year for Investing - Unpredictable!

Every year brings its share of surprises. But how many of us could have imagined that 2016 would see the Chicago Cubs win the World Series, Bob Dylan receive the Nobel Prize in Literature, Donald Trump elected president, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average close out the year a whisker away from 20,000?

Safe Harbor 401(k) FAQ

“Safe harbor” 401k plans are the most popular type of 401k used by small businesses today. They automatically pass annual ADP/ACP and top heavy tests and allow business owners to maximize contributions to the plan. To achieve safe harbor status, owners are required to make a contribution on behalf of participating employees. For many employers, that trade-off is well worth the cost. Here’s why.

US Healthcare vs. Life Expectancy

In a word, abysmal. We spend the most and live the shortest of major democracies. Here's the data to prove it. 


How To Win

Let's start 2017 on an optimistic note, shall we? After all, 2016 didn't feel like a 'winning year' for most of us who didn't vote for Trump. So maybe it's time we were reminded that life is what we make of it, and that means making the effort, sometimes at great cost, to get ahead and not let others take the 'cake'.

The following is from a sage mind, Bob Lefsetz. He's been around a long time and has a good track record of seeing and knowing things ahead of the rest of us. Enjoy!

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