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"The Best Things In Life Are Free. The second best things in life are very, very expensive."  - Coco Chanel

Amusing Quote: Economics Dept.

Walter Heller famously said:

"An economist is someone who sees something in practice and wonders if it would work in theory"

and so goes the dismal science....

Chart of the Week - The Music Industry Revenues

For the first time in many years the music industry reports year-over-year revenue increases. But does that really mean the business is doing well?

Easy in Theory, Difficult in Practice

On the Difficulty of “Buy and Hold” and the Importance of a Financial Advisor

Roughly 60 miles east of Portland, Mount Hood is the most visited snow covered peak in America. Despite rising 11,240 feet into the skies of northern Oregon, it is considered a “beginner’s mountain” with over 10,000 climbers reaching the summit each year.

Which 401(k) Plan Services Justify Higher Fees?

A lot of 401(k) plan sponsors are unsure they’re paying “reasonable” fees to their 401(k) provider for ”necessary” services – an important 401(k) fiduciary responsibility. 

Always Remember......

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Hate Making Financial Decisions? Here's Why

It turns out using your head is not the right advice...

Where's The Trend?

And now a word from the market technicians: Stocks are NOT in an uptrend....and yet they aren’t in a down trend either. Despite what you may think (or want to think) that’s okay.

Who Makes How Much in America Today

Here's you Friday afternoon feel-good statistic:

In order to be in the top 10% - you need an annual salary of $90,000 and above.

In order to be in the top 5%, you need an annual salary of $130,000 and above.

In order to be in the top 2%, you need an annual salary of $195,000 and above.

Why You Should Hire A Financial Planner

Even if you're not rich....

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