The Long Term is Not Where Life is Lived

As advisors we are often posed a question as to whether a particular investment was good or not without knowing the investor's current investment situation. Unfortunately the question is  impossible to answer properly.

Getting Value in a Vacation Home

A vacation home is a significant investment that can pay off in fun and value. Here’s a look at things to consider when shopping for investment real estate.

Longevity Risk and Retirement Income

How long might you live in retirement? Think carefully. Your answer could influence whether you have enough money for a comfortable retirement or just scrape by.

Implications Of The New Fiduciary Rule

Ultimately, the interpretations of the new DoL fiduciary rule will likely continue for months, and given the delayed Applicability Date and the subsequent Transition Period, it will potentially be years before the full impact of the new rules are felt.

Intelligent Options for College Savings

If you are the parents or grandparents of child of any age chances are good that the escalating costs of higher education are on your mind.

Follow the Money...

Often the media will point out apparent bad behavior or other malfeasance and, under the guise of journalistic 'balance', not follow through and identify the 'why' behind the actions. Maybe they think it's self-evident; maybe they don't wish to be accused of libel. Most of us deserve, however, to know the truth.

Update: Panama Papers Fallout

A Summary of What is Known

The Root of Your Money Problems is....

The root of your money problems is usually Not Paying Attention! 



New Fiduciary Rule: Wall St. Wins Again

Discretion is the Better Part of Valor

The Elegant Secret to Self-Discipline

Having, improving or maintaining one's self-discipline is a topic that almost anyone can relate to. It is so important in fact that most of us believe that mastering self-discipline would literally guarantee our career and personal growth success. Many of us have read a lot on the subject.

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