March 2018

Facebook Gets An 'F' In Crisis Management

Facebook's handling, so far, of the data sharing scandal is unsurprisingly pathetic. Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg are blowing it. Maybe they are too young to remember how Tylenol handled a similar crisis. To get the full story of their ineptitude, and its consequences for our democracy, check out Prof. Scott Galloway's vlog commentary here.


The New Tax Law and Your Retirement Plan

After many rounds of negotiations, Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on December 20th, 2017.  Though retirement plan limit reductions were included in many iterations of the bill, the ultimate effect on qualified plans was relatively minimal.  There are two items of note that were included in the new law affecting loan repayments and IRA conversions.

Facebook Caught Again - Are You Surprised?

Facebook shares are taking it on the chin today as the Cambridge Analytica story unfolds and we learn just how insecure our Facebook data has been. The mainstream press has — as usual — understood only parts of what’s happening here. It’s actually worse than the press is saying. 


How's Your Media Diet?

How to balance your media diet....



Why Do We Act This Way??

Know thyself,  Socrates said.  Below are some of the many reasons why we humans behave the way we do in making decisions. And in the field of investing, making poor decisions can be ruinous.


Where Were You When The Facts Were Ignored?


IT IS A TRUTH, widely believed if not universally acknowledged, that current American politics has an honesty problem. The epidemic of untruth is real and disturbing, but the standard diagnoses are suspect. We aren’t witnessing an unprecedented outbreak of lying. Another term is more appropriate: bullshit.

Podcasting is Booming


A 'Naive Meritocracy'..

A recent research paper published by Cornell University, examines the real world inconsistency between how wealth and success are accrued to the top 20% of society while talent and competence exhibit a normal distribution, the 'Gaussian' bell curve, with roughly equal numbers of extreme winners and losers.